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Witango for J2EE Installation Guide
This Java tutorial covers the details of Witango for J2EE Installation Guide.This guide outlines the instructions to deploy a compiled Witango application onto a J2EE compliant web server.
Flash Tutorial : ActionScript Coding Standards
Macromedia Flash applications have generally been built without regard to particular standards or guidelines. While this flexibility allows for a wide variety of solutions to a problem, it also makes it difficult for anyone other than the author of an application to understand the code. Even the author may have difficulty reading his or her own code after it is written. If a developer cannot understand the code in an application, it will not be easy to debug the code, make changes, or reuse the application.
Version |Year |Significant Changes and New Features of Visual Basic
Version |Year |Significant Changes and New Features of Visual Basic
JSP - Java Term
Details about the Java term JSP
Intrinsic Locks and Synchronization | JAVA programming tutorial
Synchronization is built around an internal entity known as the intrinsic lock or monitor lock. (The API specification often refers to this entity simply as a "monitor.") Intrinsic locks play a role in both aspects of synchronization: enforcing exclusive access to an object's state and establishing happens-before relationships that are essential to visibility.
Developing ADOBE AIR 1.1 Applications with ADOBE FLASH CS4 PROFESSIONAL
This is a complete advanced pdf guide for programmers to create application with Adobe AIR using Flash CS4 professional.
Flash Tutorial : Designing a client website 1
In this unit, student teams design a website for a client. Each team might have a different client, depending on the availability of resources. Students evaluate a client’s site, analyze it, compare it to similar sites, and propose design solutions for its navigation scheme and page layout.
Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial
In this Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial you will learn how to create a basic website using Dreamweaver CS4. You will learn how to Define a site, Create a template, Design your template page, Design your css style sheet, Insert Editable Regions , Create the pages of your site using the template, Link all the pages together, Create a form, Check your site in the browser and, Upload your site and make it live
ActiveX and Types of ActiveX Components in VB
ActiveX and Types of ActiveX Components in VB
C/C++ Language Reference (C++ PDF)
This C++ tutorial covers the details of C/C++ Language Reference.In this PDF couers the C/C++ Language Reference describes the syntax, semantics, and IBM implementation of the C and C++ programming languages. Syntax and semantics constitute a complete specification of a programming language, but complete implementations can differ because of extensions. The IBM implementations of Standard C and Standard C++ attest to the organic nature of programming languages, reflecting pragmatic considerations and advances in programming techniques, which are factors that influence growth and change. The extensions in IBM C and C++ also reflect the changing needs of modern programming environments.
ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS3 : explore new paths with the esential vector tool
Adobe Illustrator CS3 software is a fundamental part of the creative workflow, tightly integrated with other components of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 family. Create vector graphics with speed and precision for publishing across media.
void - Java Term
Details about the Java term void
SAP R/3 INTERVIEW ARCHITECTURE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ....What guarantees the integration of all application modules?What are the central interfaces of the R/3 system?What is SAP dispatcher?What are the functions of dispatcher?What is a work process?various work processes of R/3 system?What are the different layers in R/3 system?What are the types of Update requests? etc etc ......
ColdFusion MX and the J2EE Architecture
As an object-oriented (OO) programming language, Java offers a powerful tool for constructing complex applications. At the same time, because it simplifies some of the constructs employed by earlier OO languages such as C++ or Smalltalk, Java presents a shorter learning curve and is less error-prone.
PHP Help Microsoft Access Database ODBC and PHP
This php pdf study material gives the details of PHP Help Microsoft Access Database ODBC and PHP..Navigate: PHP Tutorials > PHP > Databases > ODBC / Access … few new tricks with PHP. During the course of this tutorial I'll share my findings with you.
class loader - Java Term
Details about the Java term class loader
Planning for Large-Scale Streaming Deployments with Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5
This document covers the basic principles for deploying Flash Media Server 3.5. Deployment options for dynamic streaming and DVR functionality will be covered in a future version of this document.
Adobe Digital School Collection : Inspire, engage, and prepare the digital generation
Engage students in learning and teach them important digital communication skills with the Adobe Digital School Collection. Available through flexible licensing options, the collection includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, Adobe Premiere Elements 4, Adobe Contribute CS3, and Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional software.
Symbian OS Introduction ,Structure & History
Symbian OS is an operating system with associated libraries, user interface frameworks and reference implementations of common tools, produced by Symbian Ltd.. It is a descendant of Psion's EPOC. Symbian is currently owned by BenQ, Ericsson, Panasonic, Nokia, Siemens AG and Sony Ericsson.
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Discover
Adobe Photoshop CS4 refines and redefines the professional image-editing experience, with faster, nondestructive ways to accomplish core tasks like image adjustments and masks, and new tools and enhancements that let you work more easily, efficiently, and naturally.