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Adobe Illustrator 8.0
Adobe Illustrator software sets the industry standard for professional illustration tools, playing a vital role in the creation of print, presentation, and Web graphics for advertising agencies, design studios, corporations, and other businesses worldwide.
Authoring E-learning Content for WebCT Vista with Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
Learning management systems (LMS’s) have become important tools for managing learning content in academic settings. While these systems excel in distributing and structuring learning content, however, they offer few options for page creation, incorporating only limited HTML editors.
assert - Java Term
Details about the Java term assert
Adobe AIR 1.5 Administrator’s Guide
This pdf tutorial provided the instructions for installing, configuring Adobe AIR.
Oracle SOA Suite is a standards-based best of breed suite that enables you to build Service-oriented Application and deploy them to your choice of middleware platform. It includes all components and technologies needed for building, managing, and optimizing end-to-end business processes and portfolio of services,integrating virtually any existing data or service source. It delivers unparalleled productivity by leveraging domain specific model driven development. By continuous blending of insight with action, it enables true agility.
Adobe Photoshop CS : Glows with layer effects
This Photoshop tutorial covers the details of Glows with layer effects.
PeopleSoft Developer's Guide for PeopleTools and PeopleCode Book
Develop data-driven Oracle PeopleSoft applications and business intelligence reports with help from the expert advice in this Oracle Press guide. PeopleSoft Developer's Guide for PeopleTools & PeopleCode shows you how to build and enhance PeopleSoft modules that maximize return on investment. Set up PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture, create PeopleCode projects, integrate HTML and Web features, and create reports with Oracle XML Publisher. You will also learn how to use COBOL, SQR, PeopleSoft Application Engine, and Middleware integration.
Photoshop Tutorial : Importing a layered Photoshop file (.PSD) into Flash
This Photoshop tutorial covers the details of Importing a layered Photoshop file (.PSD) into Flash.
Macromedia MX: Components and Web Services
This Dreamweaver Tutorial covers the details of Components and Web Services.
Flash Tutorial : Graphic design using Adobe Fireworks CS4
In the unit, students learn to create, modify, and optimize a variety of digital images. They compare image file size and quality during phases of production. The unit balances instruction of specific techniques with encouraging students to research technical aspects of the program on their own.
This Photoshop tutorial covers the details of an Art and Computer Graphics educator, have learned the power of combining technology with creativity.
introduction to java ( JAVA study materials )
This JAVA pdf study material gives introduction to java
else - Java Term
Details about the Java term else
SAP BDC QUESTIONS & Answers .. What is full form of BDC Session? What are the steps in a BDC session? How do you find the information on the current screen? How do you save data in BDC tables? What is the last entry in all BDC tables? What is a multiple line field? How do you populate data into a multiple line field? What is the syntax for ‘CALL TRANSACTION’? Write the BDC table structure.
applet - Java Term
Details about the Java term applet
Reengineering a PC-based System into the Mobile Device Product Line(JAVA PDF)
This Java tutorial covers the details of JReengineering a PC-based System into the Mobile Device Product Line.mobile devices today are capable of running software that yesterday could only run on a PC. Naturally, there is a growing demand to port many of the existing PC-based software systems to smaller mobile device platforms.
Professional Android 2 Application Development Tutorial
Providing in-depth coverage of how to build mobile applications using the next major release of the Android SDK, this invaluable resource takes a hands-on approach to discussing Android with a series of projects, each of which introduces a new feature and highlights techniques and best practices to get the most out of Android.
ADF - Application Development Framework (j2ee term)
ADF - Application Development Framework (j2ee term)is a keyword/term used in JAVA - J2EE for Forms and Designer Developers
Flash Tutorial : Enhancing user experience with Adobe Flash CS3
In this Tutorial students begin using Adobe Flash CS3 to enhance user experience on the web. Students discover ways in which rich media and animation created with Flash can improve digital communication. They develop Flash skills through creating an introductory project, evaluating effective uses of Flash on the web, and building a digital narrative. Students apply the skills and understanding they gain in this unit to creating digital narratives and designing client websites in succeeding units.
Java Threads and RMI(JAVA PDF)
This Java tutorial covers the details of Java Threads and RMI.The exact definition varies from platform to platform. In general, they’re lightweight processes.