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CORBA Tutorial Java
This Java tutorial covers the details of CORBA Tutorial Java Version 6.2, December 2004IONA, IONA Technologies, the IONA logo, Orbix, Orbix/E, Orbacus, Artix, Orchestrator,Mobile Orchestrator, Enterprise Integrator, Adaptive Runtime Technology, Transparent.
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 : Reviewer’s Guide
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 software spans the needs of high-end graphics professionals and business users who want their ideas to command attention in print and on the Web. This innovative release reinforces the integration between Adobe Illustrator software and Adobe’s other professional graphics programs, while delivering exciting new features that enhance productivity, inspire creativity, and make the program more accessible for all.
Useful Apache Maven Plugins
This tutorial discusses some of the Maven plugins, both from Apache Maven and Codehaus Mojo project which are of great help to Maven builds.
SAP R/3 DATA DICTIONARY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS .... What are the layers of data description in R/3? Define external layer? Define ABAP/4 layer? Define Database layer? What is a Data Class? What is a Size Category? How many types of size categories and data classes are there? What are control tables? What is a table pool? etc.. etc ...
throw - Java Term
Details about the Java term throw
How do I get a user's IP address in PHP ?
How do I get a user's IP address in PHP ?
Writing Robust Java Code (JAVA PDF)
This Java tutorial covers the details of Writing Robust Java Code.This white paper describes a collection of standards, conventions, and guidelines for writing solid Java code. They are based on sound, proven software engineering principles that lead to code that is easy to understand, to maintain, and to enhance.
Symbian OS Introduction ,Structure & History
Symbian OS is an operating system with associated libraries, user interface frameworks and reference implementations of common tools, produced by Symbian Ltd.. It is a descendant of Psion's EPOC. Symbian is currently owned by BenQ, Ericsson, Panasonic, Nokia, Siemens AG and Sony Ericsson.
ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS : Retouching Tips: Enhancing Eyes,Eyelashes,and More!
This Photoshop tutorial covers the details of Retouching Tips Enhancing Eyes,Eyelashes,and More.
Official Ubuntu Server tutorial Book
Ubuntu Server is a complete, free server operating system that just works, with the extra Ubuntu polish, innovation, and simplicity that administrators love.Now, there’s a definitive, authoritative guide to getting up-and-running quickly with the newest, most powerful versions of Ubuntu Server. Written by leading members of the Ubuntu community, The Official Ubuntu Server Book, Second Edition, covers all you need to know to make the most of Ubuntu Server, whether you’re a beginner or a battle-hardened senior system administrator.
Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours
In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, you’ll master the entire SAP project lifecycle, from planning through implementation and system administration through day-to-day operations. Using this book’s straightforward, step-by-step approach, you’ll gain a strong real-world foundation in both the technology and business essentials of today’s SAP products and applications—from the ground up.
Adobe Photoshop 10.0.1 (CS3) : Printing Notes
In Adobe Photoshop CS3 software, we made a significant effort to improve the printing experience for our users. This resulted in many changes to the printing code, improvements to the print interface, new color management functionality, and support for new features in the latest printer drivers and operating systems. Throughout the project, we worked closely with printer manufacturers to ensure the best possible integration with their devices.
Service-Oriented Architecture guide from sun microsystems
Many of the concepts for Web services come from a conceptual architecture called service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA configures entities (services, registries, contracts, and proxies) to maximize loose coupling and reuse.
The projects published as SWF files using SCORM Packager. The combined files can be published as a SWF file or as an EXE file. SCORM Packager creates a table of contents (TOC) using the names of the separate modules (SWF files).
An Introduction to Digital Video for Creative Professionals`
After Effects is an outstanding tool for producing Macromedia Flash curve quickly with Adobe video products, including books, tutorials, videotapes.etc...
Adobe Photoshop Elements : Create a greeting card
you can make a unique greeting for your family, friends, and professional associates. This tutorial shows you how to create the background for your card, and how to add text and a photograph.
Microsoft Office Access 2007 Step by Step tutorial guide
The smart way to learn Office Access 2007--one step at a time! Work at your own pace through the easy numbered steps, practice files on CD, helpful hints, and troubleshooting help to master the fundamentals of working with the latest version of Access, including how to navigate the new user interface. You will discover how to create a database, produce forms, reports, and queries, and how to filter data.
static - Java Term
Details about the Java term static
Sync4j Java API J2SE Developer Guide
This Java tutorial covers the details of Sync4j Java API J2SE Developer Guide.The Sync4j Java API is the means application developers can embed and interact with the Sync4j platform in order to take advantage of its powerful data synchronization features.
WSDL - Web Services Description Language (j2ee term)
WSDL - Web Services Description Language (j2ee term) is a keyword/term used in JAVA - J2EE for Forms and Designer Developers