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J2ME tutorial book The Complete Reference
This comprehensive resource covers J2ME architecture and explains how to build applications and services for cell phones and PDAs with J2ME. You'll also get details on security, information management, and storage, as well as advanced topics such as Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) and Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)
Version |Year |Significant Changes and New Features of Visual Basic
Version |Year |Significant Changes and New Features of Visual Basic
User Manual C/C++ Precompiler SAP DB(Online Tutorial)
This C++ tutorial covers the details of User Manual C/C++ Precompiler SAP DB.IN this PDF covers The user manual describes how to embed SAP DB calls in applications written in the programming language C. It is also possible to embed SAP DB calls in C++ programs, provided that the restrictions described in the following sections are taken into consideration for SQL statements, especially for declare sections.
Beginning tutorial Ubuntu Linux
Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Fourth Edition is the update to the best–selling book on Ubuntu, today’s hottest Linux distribution. Targeting newcomers to Linux and to the Ubuntu distribution alike, readers are presented with an introduction to the world of Linux and open source community, followed by a detailed overview of Ubuntu’s installation and configuration process.
Photoshop Tutorial : Sharpening (Photoshop CS2/CS3)
This Photoshop tutorial covers the details of how to use the High Pass filter sharpening technique through a non-destructive work flow.
Adobe Photoshop CS2 : Classroom
This Photoshop tutorial covers the details of basics of Photoshop.
class variable - Java Term
Details about the Java term class variable
static - Java Term
Details about the Java term static
byte - Java Term
Details about the Java term byte
Cocoa Tutorial for Java Programmers (Legacy)
This Java tutorial covers the details of Cocoa Tutorial for Java Programmers (Legacy).table describes the changes to Cocoa Tutorial for Java Programmers.
RACF - Resource Access Control Facility
RACF, short for Resource Access Control Facility, is an IBM software product. It is a security system that provides access control and auditing functionality for the z/OS and z/VM operating systems.
What is the difference in passing values ByRef or ByVal to a procedure | VB Question
What is the difference in passing values ByRef or ByVal to a procedure
ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS : Looking Through a Glass
This Photoshop tutorial covers the details of how to Create Looking Through a Glass in PhtoShop
SAP REPORTS FAQ .. How can Symbols or R/3 icons be output on the screen? How to specify a client for database table processing. What are DATA CLUSTERS? How will you transfer data into a file in application server? What are the different attributes that can be assigned to a variant? Is it possible to create new dynamic programs during runtime of an ABAP/4 program? etc ... etc ....
Designing artwork for Adobe Flash Catalyst
Adobe Flash Catalyst is a professional design tool for rapidly creating rich Internet applications (RIAs) without coding. Design documents created in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Fireworks are imported into Flash Catalyst, where static artwork is converted to a functional application.
instanceof - Java Term
Details about the Java term instanceof
JSP - Java Server Page (j2ee term)
JSP - Java Server Page (j2ee term) is a keyword/term used in JAVA - J2EE for Forms and Designer Developers
Android Application Development For Dummies tutorial book
Even if you have never written a mobile application, this book has the know-how you need to turn your great ideas into cool apps for the Android platform. With millions of smartphone users and a cornucopia of carriers, Android is a great place to ply the app development trade. This book shows you from the ground up how to set up your environment and create an app. Read on to become an Android developer extraordinaire
The Phidget C API A Sample Phidget Program Using the C API
This C++ tutorial covers the details of The Phidget C API .IN this PDF covers the Sample Phidget Program Using the C API.Most software created for Phidgets is written in high level languages such as Java or a .NET language. Such languages have powerful features and drastically simplify the creation of a GUI. In some instances however it may be necessary to create programs in C. C code has the advantage that it can be targeted to run on a wide variety of operating systems and architectures
SQL Apply Best Practices: Oracle Data Guard 10g study guide and reference
With Oracle Data Guard SQL Apply in Oracle Database 10g, Oracle is addressing the requirements of the business community for an online disaster-recovery solution that also provides a means to offload reporting and decision support operations from he primary database

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